The very first time I saw it (on youtube) I thought- ‘what the heck is that?’ and then I clicked the X button. I didn’t finish it. No, I couldn’t finish the ‘thing’. I didn’t give it much thought. No, the right word is “couldn’t”. I just ignored it the way someone ignores an unimportant, trivial thing, phenomenon or issue.

But heck! The thing keeps popping up each time I visit YouTube. And then some of my FB friends started talking about it– wondering, amused, baffled… Some were entertained. And then it evidently became a fad… or a craze. The thing is: some people were doing it almost everywhere– in a pool, inside their room, at school, etc. The list of places is just limitless. If one could do it in hell or on the moon, he could have done it. They’re…

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Nigeria News

Two women, Blessing Nwosa and Aminat Kehinde threw decency to the wind and fought publicly in Ijora Badia area Lagos State, southwest Nigeria, over a lover.
P.M.NEWS gathered that Blessing was angry that her friend, Aminat slept with her lover called Kenny who she claimed was planning to marry…

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